ADDcreativity is a startup that began in the year 2017. Initially consisting of three members that included a developer, a designer, and an editor, the startup aimed at helping college students with their projects in the area of computer science, specifically web designing. It later expanded after a few more developers who specialised in subjects like internet of things joined the team. The reach of the startup expanded further beyond the college and projects for certain companies have been done too quickly and efficiently at a low cost. The creative ideas and improvements added to every project that the team has done has made it come up with the name Addcreativity.



Designer developer

Worked on various website designing projects. Been a part of the technical team of a club in VIT university. Will develop both the front and back end. Helped students with their projects related to web development.



Experienced and skilled at Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Is the Design head of a club in VIT University. Also helped students and online workers to create posters for marketing and advertising purposes.


Developer content writer

Has done content writing work on freelancing sites. Been in the editorial team of a club in VIT University. Can finish the task in short time.



Experienced and skilled at Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Also helped students to create posters and t-shrt designs. Has also done freelancing in book covers.


IOT developer

Has done a lot of IOT and IOT related projects. Also helped students with their projects. Skilled in raspberry pi and arduino coding and hardware.


You can also see all of our works in our facebook page. Click to see live demo.

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